The last Debate: Authenticity vs Cynicism

It has been said insistently that the third debate, the last between Obama and McCain before election day, was the best of all three. I agree with that opinion, yet I would like to point out some brief observations:

  1. That the debate has revolved fundamentally around the political, economical and ideological positions of both candidates is only a result of the tremendous failure by Republican leaders and the orientation they attempted to give the campaign, based on instigating a sense of fear in Americans towards Obama.
    Fear mongering has been a constant in Republican campaigns. Already during the 1936 election – for example – the telephone operators of the Chicago Tribune, which was owned by an ultra-conservative colonel, would answer calls upon with this refrain: “Hello. Chicago Tribune. Only 10 days left to save the American way of life.” (Quoted by Richard Stengel. Time Magazine, March 3, 2008, page 6.)
    Contrary to what they supposed, the accusations of terrorism, and the racist incitations focused on Obama’s name and origin, crashed against the increasing animosity of Americans to this kind of manipulation. Sarah Palin, in charge of playing the dirty games, mudded up McCain’s image and pushed away numerous Republicans who, in honesty, cannot share such methods.

  2. Obama was weak especially during the first part. Not because his adversary was right but due to an attitude of non-confrontation. I believe his weakest moment took place when he allowed McCain to have his way asserting he was not George Bush. In doing so, the Republican candidate intends, though very belatedly, to present himself as the definite alternative to the disastrous Republican administration of the last 8 years. But such an affirmation is false and cannot be conceded. The fact that McCain had and has differences with the current president doesn’t position him in a clash with the government. On the substantial (the economy, the war, health care, education,) McCain was a supporter of his party’s government. Far from being an alternative, he is the only way for Republican leaders to perpetuate themselves for another 4 years in power and continue in the disastrous direction that has tainted the life of this country under the rule of Bush-Cheney.

  3. In spite of his weakness in the first part of the debate, Obama convinced me even more because he exhibited something McCain was not capable of showing: absence of cynicism. To be totally honest, it had been many years I hadn’t seen a politician so in lack of cynicism, so humanely a leader.

Despite the flat points, all the polls favor Obama on the final result of the debate. I firmly hope that the ruling days of obscurantism are reaching their end.

Thank you son, for the translation to English

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