Googleś «humility» in China

Google adhere to Chinese government censorship rulesI think it’s arrogant for us to walk into a country where we are just beginning to operate and tell that country how to operate.” Wow! That is a great sentence of humility on Googleś side. Those words were told by Eric Schmidt, Chief executive of the search engine when he was talking about government censorship rules accepted by Google in China.
It is incredible “humility” from Google. I suppose if instead of China, we put Nazi Germany in 1940, the search engine would fault on search terms like “jews”, and “ethnic cleansing”, or under the USSR rule by Stalin, people would not find words like “Trotsky”, “Gulag”, “Siberian concentration camps”, “Samizdat”.
Schmidt pretends to put the unembarrassed behavior in China as a virtue: humility. But Google is not arrogant when facing the Chinese totalitarian government. It is arrogant against the people and principles of democracy and freedom. To have principles is not to be arrogant, it is to have moral values.


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