Bracewell Observatory: a cemetery of dishes

This was a Bracewell Observatory dishFifteen days ago I posted a note about Bob Lash’s attempts to save the former Bracewell Observatory, at Stanford, from a demolition. The project of Bob Lash was to maintain it and to refurbish it for the benefit of students and general public scientific research and enjoyment. Sadly, Stanford University authorities, proceeded with the demolition plans. On March 10Th, the Bracewell Observatory was destroyed, and the dishes, bent, broken, like beheaded guardians, laid in the ground. It is a cemetery of dishes now. Why?
Sometimes, irrationality takes over the light.
Bob and Friends of the Bracewell Observatory Association deserves our consideration and respect. In spite of the bad news, Bob does not give up and continues his fight to get an observatory for “Citizen Science”. This time Bob informs us about a General Dynamics decommission of a 45 foot dish that they say would be available “at no charge for educational use”. I hope those words will be true.

Note for English spoken people: this is my first note in English on my blog. I hope, in the future, to be able to write in English with some regularity. Please, do not be hard on me.

Bob Lash’s message about Bracewell Observatory demolition, here.

Historical Photos of Bracewell Observatory construction (Circa 1967), here.

Photos of the dishes debris, here.

Credit of Photography: Ken Wronkiewicz

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